Official start to 2012!

Even organizations have new year’s resolutions, and Slow Food Savannah is no exception. For the past few months we’ve been going through a few leadership transitions: one of us moved away after completing her master’s coursework at SCAD, and another recently welcomed her first child into the world. So tonight, we are opening our arms and extending a welcome invite to the Savannah community with one request – bring your passions, insights, and ideas to our first official meeting of 2012. We’ll be coalescing at The United Way building on 428 Bull Street at 5:30 PM. If you can’t make it, send a friend, or email us with your thoughts – We’re excited to hear what you have to say and to put together an action plan for 2012. We have the potential to do great things for our community, so let’s get started!

Jan 23 Meeting


2 thoughts on “Official start to 2012!

  1. I missed the meeting on Jan.23rd. I get all the “Food Chain” & “Food News” emails but I don’t think I got the meeting announcement. I cannot access Facebook at work and don’t access it at home except to see my family :o). Please make sure I am on the mailing list.

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